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Fly into Wine Country

Fly into Wine Country

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It’s not too cold yet to get out and about to explore the wonders that are the Southern Highlands, so make the most of what’s left of the mild and gorgeous autumn in the deep south and head off on a high-flying culinary adventure with Pterodactyl Helicopters.

Our Southern Highlands Vineyard Helicopter Tour is the perfect package to make a seriously good impression on your special someone – or simply treat one or two of your food- and wine-loving besties to one last big day before winter comes.

Located in one of the most gorgeous sceneries of the greater Sydney region, Bendooley Estate offers fresh, seasonal delights made from local produce and – naturally – fine wines from their own vineyard.
Our Lunch Tour includes a gourmet lunch for two with a complementary bottle of Bendooley Estate wine; but it you have a taste for more, feel free to contact Pterodactyl Helicopters’ friendly staff to arrange for a wine tasting that will blow your mind – and taste buds.

So much for the culinary component of our flying feast; now, how about the flying?

When you book at helicopter lunch tour with Pterodactyl, you sign up for the ultimate private flight experience.
Whether you embark on this adventure with your spouse, your best mate, your parents or simply are hosting the greatest first date in the history of dating, there is nothing quite like soaring above some of Australia’s most spectacular sights in a private helicopter.
The tour includes helicopter transfer to Bendooley Estate and back, roughly an hour and half in your chartered aircraft – and we will make sure you get the most out of your time in the air.

En route to your luxury lunch experience, you can look forward to enjoying a birds-eye perspective of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and our incomparable Opera House, taking in Cronulla beach from up high before heading deep into the beautiful Southern Highlands. To watch the urban sprawl give way to lush greenery is surreal and enchanting at once.
Depending on our time of return, you might even get a chance to revel in the shining lights of the Sydney skyline as dusk falls – a truly breathtaking view to behold from up high.
Our pilots know the area inside and out and will make sure you don’t miss any of the highlights along the way.

When you choose Pterodactyl Helicopters, you don’t just sign up for an unforgettable day in the sky; you also absolve yourself of all your everyday stresses. We will collect you from your hotel or directly from the airport, whisk you away for a welcome beverage at our helipad and return you to your doorstep once you’ve been thoroughly thrilled by your helicopter lunch tour.

Contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and book your flying gourmet-extravaganza. We look forward to flying with you soon.

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