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Get the Rockstar Treatment

Get the Rockstar Treatment

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If we are being perfectly honest, most of us could stand to have a little more famous in our lives. Nothing major, nothing that would warrant paparazzi; just perhaps the occasional respectful nod (“Love your work…”) or maybe having a door held open once in a while….oh, and definitely skipping queues.
Well, Pterodactyl Helicopters can’t offer you fame and fortune BUT we sure can make you feel like a Rockstar for a little while – held open doors, queue-skipping and all.

If you are looking to inject a little jet set glamour into your day, there is nothing like chartering your private helicopter. This may sound incredibly frivolous and impossible to afford; but when you choose Pterodactyl Helicopters as your personal aviators you will find that a little frivolity is entirely within your price range.
Our 30-minute Scenic Flight of Sydney Harbour, for example, starts at an incredible $140 per person – with fabulous rates like this, anyone can unleash their inner celebrity.

When you embark on Pterodactyl’s harbour cruise, you sign up for the full VIP treatment package, starting the moment you enter the Bankstown aerodrome.
There is something fiendishly satisfying in passing unmoving lines of increasingly disgruntled passengers waiting to be checked in (no, it’s not nice, but sometimes it’s alright to be a little less than perfectly nice); and it is nothing short of delightful to be whisked not just past all queues but into the plush interior of your private aircraft.

The R44 Robinson Raven II is not only the perfect small aircraft to explore the collection of architectural and natural masterpieces that is the Sydney Harbour, it is also one of the most comfortable air travel experiences you will ever have. Equipped with leather seats, fully airconditioned and sporting huge windows in all directions for your viewing pleasure, this little chopper is going to make your scenic flight an unforgettable experience.

As if that wasn’t enough, our experienced pilots have made it their mission to make sure you get the best angles, panoramas and general visual spectacles the tour has to offer; after all, a proper Rockstar requires a private tour guide.
Pterodactyl Helicopters crew has flown over the harbour countless times, they truly are experts when it comes to seeing our sights from above; when it comes to getting the most out of your helicopter scenic tour, you could not be in better hands.

Getting that special feeling of being a little above it all (literally, in this case) has never been so close within reach. If it’s high time you treated yourself, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and set a date. We look forward to treating you like Rock’n’Roll royalty soon!

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