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Capture the Magic from Above

Capture the Magic from Above

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The incomparable sensation of seeing the world from above is one of the very best things about flying in a helicopter and, consequently, there is something magical about images captured during chopper flights.
Pterodactyl Helicopter don’t just offer outstanding helicopter flight experiences, we are also ready and willing to help you catch the magic and make it work for you with our aerial photography services.
Whether you are looking to highlight the finest feature of a property you’re planning to sell or require some flying footage for a creative filming endeavour, Pterodactyl Helicopters is your one-stop-shop for all your aerial photography needs.

When it comes to aerial real estate photography, our pilots have built up some serious experience over the years. Pterodactyl Helicopters has worked with a number of reputable agencies, both in Sydney and in the greater Southern New South Wales area, and have picked up some tricks of the trade.
No matter whether your location is in the city centre, by the coast, out in the country or somewhere in the suburbs, our pilots are likely to have flown over it before and will know just what time of day, weather conditions and position above will make for the best image.

Our beast itself, the trusty Robinson R44 Raven II, is any aerial photographer’s dream. Never mind the broad windows of the doors that allow for a stunning panoramic view while you’re sightseeing; when you charter our chopper for photography work, we’ll just take the doors off for you. Forget about craning yourself around awkward frame-breakers, when you work with Pterodactyl Helicopters, smooth operations are a-go.

Of course, Sydney being the marvel she is, Pterodactyl Helicopters are no strangers to aerial cinematography. From scenic shots of the harbour with its lively water traffic to sweeping runs over the dusty outer rim, we have been there and done that.
Our pilots take great pride in their ability to get you right where you need to be for the perfect shot. The R44 is an agile and versatile even in the hands of a pilot with a fairly standard repertoire, but under the control of our aviation aces it becomes a shining star in its own right.
Hovering, moving along sideways, getting as close to your intended subject (moving or stationary) as it is possible while remaining safe – no worries at all.

If you are ready to let your creative spirit soar or want an ad campaign to really take off – contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and get all the help you need. We look forward to helping your vision come to life.



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