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Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Cure for Everything

Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Cure for Everything

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Have you ever noticed how life can be monotonous and exhausting at the same time? It’s quite a strange phenomenon, so, in the name of science, Pterodactyl Helicopters have conducted some research into the human condition and life in general to concoct the perfect antidote.

If you are absolutely knackered from the boredom of the everyday, our solution is as simple as it is ingenious: a day out that is relaxing and also an epic adventure.

Impossible, we hear you say?
Not at all.
Pterodactyl Helicopters Southern Highlands Vineyard Helicopter Tour combines the soothing effect of gorgeous scenery with the titillating thrill of soaring over town and country in your own chartered helicopter – quite an invigorating cocktail of experiences indeed.

Let us break it down for you:

Relax – we shall take care of everything.

When you book a day out with Pterodactyl Helicopters, you absolve yourself of all duties for the hours you are in our care.
From the moment you arrive at Bankstown airport, you can simply lean back and let us do all the work – if you like, we can even drive you back to your hotel upon your return, that way you can simply settle into your day and let all stress melt away.

Up and away – Adventure afoot!

Before we whisk you away towards the serene Southern Highlands, Pterodactyl Helicopters take you on a full scenic helicopter tour of Sydney Harbour – Hello, Opera House! Hello, Harbour Bridge Climbers! – before heading out towards Sydney Heads to give you a good look at the coast line. Soar above Cronulla, Bondi and Sea Cliff Bridge, before finally leaving the big smoke behind and making your way inland.

The trip to your destination will take about 50 minutes – every one of them packed with unforgettable images and the sheer pleasure that is riding high in a helicopter.

Chill out – Lunch is ready…and there’s wine.

Our Flying Vineyard Tour takes you to beautiful Bendooley Estate, nestled in the rolling hills of the Southern Highlands. The outstanding climate of this region does not just make for vistas that have to be seen to be believed, it also creates the perfect conditions for growing some of the more delectable grape crops of Australia… wine-lovers beware, your minds are about to be blown.

Pterodactyl Helicopters’ day out includes a three-course lunch, a bottle of Bendooley Estate wine, a wine tasting and three hours of free time to explore the vineyard and simply enjoy everything this wonderful location has to offer.

And once more up – to get your kicks in the clouds!

To keep things fresh, your helicopter ride homewards takes you over Picton and Camden, so you get to experience a whole new range of panoramas from above.
Our Robinson R44 Raven II is not only fully airconditioned for your comfort, it is also a beast for your thrill-seeking pleasure – you’ll be floating on air long after you’ve touched down in Bankstown.

So, if you are ready to leave the world behind for a while, contact Pterodactyl Helicopters and book your Southern Highlands Vineyard Helicopter Tour today!

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