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5 Reasons to Charter a Chopper

5 Reasons to Charter a Chopper

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Never been on helicopter and keen to know what all the fuss is about?
Constantly looking up into the sky at the sweet sound of rotor blades and wondering what it would be like to be up there right now?
Dying to take a spin in a chopper but unsure whether it might be just too terrifying to enjoy?
Pterodactyl Helicopters have all the best reasons for chartering a chopper and starting your aviation adventures today – or tomorrow, if need be.

#1 A Brand-New Point of View
It’s likely that you have been on a plane once or twice in your life, so you probably think you have seen the world from above.
Let us assure you, the view from a plane (if you want to call the snippet of world you get from their teeny-tiny windows a view) is nothing like the vistas you get when flying in a helicopter.
Helicopters not only have much larger windows that planes, obviously, but because they are small and agile aircraft, they can get you much closer to things worth seeing.
Cruising above the Sydney Harbour in a helicopter, for example, will allow you to fully explore the nuances of this special location from the birds-eye perspective – it’s second only to actually turning yourself into a bird.

#2 Access All Areas
Helicopters can get you to places too far to drive or too remote to have an actual airport.
Take for example Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Vinyard Tour:  To drive out to Bendooley Estate would take you hours – hours spent on relatively dull highways and country roads – whereas the trip through the air is to thrilling you’ll never want it to end. Plus it is so quick it leaves plenty of time for exploring your destination.

#3 Get the VIP Experience without the VIP Fee
We get it, chartering choppers is what rock stars do – so how could it possible be within your price range. Well, the world is changing and hiring a private helicopter for your pleasure is now a pursuit well within reach.
Pterodactyl Helicopters offers 30-minute flights for as little as $140 per person, which is far from the astronomical sums you might associate with the term private helicopter.

#4 Lasting Memories
No one ever forgets the first time they flew in a helicopter – it is simply too stunning an experience to fade away over time.
What better gift to give someone close to you than a small shared adventure they can remember forever?
Pterodactyl Helicopters’ Robinson R44 Raven is takes up to three passengers in air condition comfort, so you can take both of your besties if you want!

#5 It’s Straigh-Up FUN
We do so many things everyday simply because we have to – so why not take a small portion of your time and do something that is purely for your enjoyment?
Chartering a helicopter gives you a little glamour, a lot of thrill and a veritable barrel of giddy excitement – there’s no better reason to get up into the air than that.

Contact Pterodactyl Helicopters today and secure your moment in the sky – we look forward to flying with you soon.

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