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Meet The Beast

Meet The Beast

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As we’ve mentioned before, Pterodactyl Helicopters Sydney has recently acquired a suave new aircraft: the Robinson R44 Raven II.
If you are thinking of chartering a helicopter to take you for a high flying sightseeing tour of Sydney, doing your research is essential. After all, if you treat yourself to a helicopter flight there is no point in settling for second best – and the Robinson R44 is second to none.

There is a good reason the Robinson R44 is one of the most successful and most widely used civil helicopters of our time…actually, there are more reasons than one.

Firstly, the R44 is incredibly comfortable.
Just because you’re setting out on an adventure to be remembered forever does not mean you have to rough it.
The Robinson R44 is fully air-conditioned (which goes a long way towards making a joy flight under the roasting Australian sun more fun) and sports luxurious leather seats.
Basically, when you choose Pterodactyl Helicopters as your private helicopter charter company, you will come very close to knowing what it might be like if your favourite sofa could fly.


Secondly, the Robinson R44 is absolutely perfect for sightseeing.
Each door of this fine aircraft has an observation bubble window, which means you won’t have to crane your head awkwardly to avoid window frames obstructing your view.
With enough room for three passengers, the R44 allows you to share this unique helicoptering experience with your favourite people AND chat with them about the amazing sights below over a high-quality intercom.


Thirdly, the R44 is simply a fantastic showcase of aeronautical engineering; just being in its presence is a huge thrill for aviation enthusiasts.
Cruising speed for this state-of-the-art helicopter is a cool 200 km/h if it is loaded to capacity; however, if you feel the urge to experience a little more of a rush, the R44’s top speed is up to 248 km/h…and that’s just going forward.
Going up is another matter entirely: the R44 has a rate of climb measured at over 1000 feet per minute, which means you will be rising into the sky at roughly 20 km/h – not something you experience every day.


We’re quite proud of our new acquisition – can you tell?
The thing is that Pterodactyl Helicopters Sydney strives to give customers the best experience private aviation has to offer; and with the Robinson R44 waiting for you at the hangar we can confidently say that you won’t find a better aircraft for charter anywhere.
Pilot Mick is beyond thrilled with the R44 and the seemingly boundless possibilities it presents when it comes to helicopter sightseeing tours.
The Robinson R44 Raven II is the next best thing to sprouting a pair of wings and taking to the sky on your own…but as that is unlikely to happen anytime soon, give our friendly team a call and book our beast for the sightseeing highlight of your life!

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