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Best Christmas Present EVER

Best Christmas Present EVER

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Christmas is just around the corner and the madness of present-hunting is starting to take hold. If you feel like jostling the crowds in the mall is too high a price to pay for yet another forgettable stocking stuffer – and we don’t blame you if you do – it may be time for a change of plan.
How about skipping the mundane exchange of goods this year, in favour of giving the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

If that sounds sensible to you, Pterodactyl Helicopters has got you covered: with their Sydney Scenic Helicopter Flight Gift Vouchers.


Be honest, would you rather get another pair of socks or a gift card for the book store, OR would you prefer to be treated to the ultimate sightseeing tour in a private helicopter?
The latter?
Not surprising.

Of course, when it comes to experiencing the many iconic landmarks Sydney has to offer from up high, Pterodactyl Helicopters is the obvious choice.


Our Sydney scenic helicopter flight tours are specifically tailored to give our passengers the full package when it comes to breathtaking views and creature comforts.
Whether you choose to take a spin in the bright and early morning, after Christmas lunch or during the magic hour at dusk, Pterodactyl Helicopters is at your service.
Our scenic tours now include transport directly from your home or your hotel to Sydney’s Bankstown airport.
After a quick briefing and a welcome beverage in our private lounge, our Robinson R44 helicopter awaits for a joyride you won’t forget.


Our 30 minute tour (very sensibly priced at $420 for up to three passengers) takes you for a leisurely run over the suburbs of Chiswick, Hunters Hill and Balmain en route to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
You might think you know this world-famous landmark inside out, but there is nothing quite like a view from above to give you a new perspective…we guarantee, you have not really seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge until you’ve seen it from a chartered chopper.
You’ll hardly have time to catch your breath as we whisk you away, circling the Sydney Opera House before moving on for a tour of the Botanical Gardens.


Yes, we understand that this sounds like an experience you’d never want to end.
Guess what?

Your scenic helicopter tour does not have to end here.
Pterodactyl Helicopters offers an extended 60 minutes aerial sightseeing tour (priced at $840 for up to three passengers), including all of the above with the added thrill of zooming along the coastline to give you outstanding views of Sydney Heads, Manly and Long Reef.


This year, if you wish, you can make your Christmas present an event rather than another item collecting dust on the shelf – and you can make memories that you and your loved ones can cherish forever.
Contact our friendly staff to check for availabilities and sort your Christmas shop early.
Our Sydney scenic helicopter flight gift vouchers won’t be one of those presents returned to the shops on Boxing Day – we promise.


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